Menowin (DSDS) sued for € 64,602

August 09, 2005. The law firm Reh­katsch Rechts­an­wäl­te has suc­cessful­ly sued the artist Menowin, known from DSDS, on behalf of an orga­ni­zer cli­ent befo­re the Regio­nal Court of Darm­stadt for € 64,602 in dama­ges. Due to mis­con­duct in vio­la­ti­on of the con­tract, the boo­ked musi­ci­an was obli­ged to pay. Various media repor­ted on the court pro­cee­dings.

Press covera­ge:

“At con­certs in Bin­gen, Land­stuhl and Bosen, Menowin did not per­form for the agreed 30 minu­tes, accor­ding to my cli­ent, and he also can­ce­led sche­du­led auto­graph ses­si­ons or did not even show up,” Patrick Reh­katsch, the plaintiff’s lawy­er told the ‘Bild’ news­pa­per.

Liti­ga­ti­on tac­tics: noti­ce of dis­pu­te

The lawsu­it was initi­al­ly direc­ted against Menowin Fröh­lich. Purely as a pre­cau­ti­on, howe­ver, it was also direc­ted against Lug­ner City GmbH in a so-cal­led “noti­ce of dis­pu­te”. So if Menowin had dis­pu­ted in the tri­al that Lugner’s GmbH was allo­wed to con­clude con­tracts for him as a pro­xy in the first place, Lug­ner City GmbH might have to be lia­ble.


Menowin sued. Coverage: T-Online.de
Law firm Reh­katsch suc­cessful­ly sues DSDS-Menowin for dama­ges.
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