Menowin (DSDS) sued for € 64,602

August 09, 2005. The law firm Rehkatsch Rechtsanwälte has successfully sued the artist Menowin, known from DSDS, on behalf of an organizer client before the Regional Court of Darmstadt for € 64,602 in damages. Due to misconduct in violation of the contract, the booked musician was obliged to pay. Various media reported on the court proceedings.

Press coverage:

“At concerts in Bingen, Landstuhl and Bosen, Menowin did not perform for the agreed 30 minutes, according to my client, and he also canceled scheduled autograph sessions or did not even show up,” Patrick Rehkatsch, the plaintiff’s lawyer told the ‘Bild’ newspaper.

Litigation tactics: notice of dispute

The lawsuit was initially directed against Menowin Fröhlich. Purely as a precaution, however, it was also directed against Lugner City GmbH in a so-called “notice of dispute”. So if Menowin had disputed in the trial that Lugner’s GmbH was allowed to conclude contracts for him as a proxy in the first place, Lugner City GmbH might have to be liable.

Menowin sued. Coverage: T-Online.de
Law firm Rehkatsch successfully sues DSDS-Menowin for damages.

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