REHKATSCH Compensation

Our remuneration can be agreed as follows

1. fees in accordance with the German Lawyers’ Fees Act (RVG), depending on the value in question. In the case of court proceedings, the remuneration may not fall below the remuneration according to the RVG.

2. hourly fee (usually EUR 250.00 net/hour).

3. lump sum agreement (fixed price individual mandate or monthly lump sum for permanent consulting).

Click here to go to the legal costs calculator of the German Bar Association.

The fee for an initial consultation (i.e. without representation vis-à-vis your opponent) is capped by law for consumers at a maximum of EUR 190 = EUR 249.90 gross (including an additional fee of EUR 20.00). This cap does not apply to entrepreneurs in this way.

Please contact us and find out about the costs. These can vary greatly depending on the case installation and require an initial consultation. You will receive a written remuneration agreement from us.

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