DSDS-Menderes sues against insult

March 09, 2012. On behalf of Menderes Bagci, cult contestant of the RTL casting show DSDS, the law firm Rehkatsch Rechtsanwälte successfully took action against insults in reports on the portal Max.de. The insulting statement regarding a nose job was banned by the Cologne Local Court. The term “DSDS moron” was clearly classified as a negative value judgement and the press organ was forbidden to disseminate it further.

An insult is the manifestation of one’s own disregard, contempt or disrespect. In this case, the honor of the offended person is violated, namely by a value judgment. Value judgments are fundamentally protected by the Basic Law. However, this no longer applies if the honor is violated.

Have you been subjected to defamatory remarks? Have you been insulted on the Internet? Contact us for an initial assessment and discussion of the prospects of success in enforcing any injunctive relief or even claims for compensation for pain and suffering.

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