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For influencers, bloggers or other social media creators, we offer advice in various legal areas. In some cases, this involves very specific legal issues or the drafting of contracts. We deal with the following issues on a regular basis:

1. model/photo release agreements: this often involves the specific granting of rights of use in terms of content, space or time, or even the question of exclusivity. Attention should be paid to labeling requirements, confidentiality and liability issues.

2. advertising law: Influencers must ensure that they comply with the legal regulations for advertising and labeling. This includes disclosure of paid partnerships, compliance with labeling requirements for sponsored content, and avoiding misleading advertising. Particular attention should be paid to the case law of the Federal Court of Justice.

3. copyright: influencers should ensure that they do not use copyrighted content without obtaining the necessary permissions or licenses. This applies in particular to the use of music, images, videos or quotes from other people.

4. data protection: personal data is often processed, whether from followers or from partners. It is important to comply with applicable data protection laws, such as obtaining the necessary consent for data processing and ensuring appropriate security measures (GDPR).

5. agency and management contracts: here there are a number of pitfalls to consider when concluding such contracts, which can have far-reaching consequences. This involves terms, severance clauses, termination options or even the question of final decision rights.

6. trademark law: Influencers should ensure that they do not infringe any trademark rights of third parties, whether through the use of protected brand names, logos or other protected marks. It is advisable to conduct your own trademark searches before using or applying for new brand names or logos.

7. beauty / fashion / music drops are common ways to get ahead financially. There are many legal aspects to consider, no matter if you want to found your own music label, produce fashion samples abroad or apply for a design for beauty products.

8. tax law: Influencers must pay proper tax on their income from sponsorship deals, product placements or other sources. Here it is advisable to find out about the tax obligations.

You’re into social media and TikTok, Instagram or YouTube are your 2nd home? If you have any legal questions, you can contact us at any time and we will be happy to help you.

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