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Our specialised law firm for copyright and media law, based in Cologne and with a branch office in Berlin, has been intensively involved in the special field of copyright law for over 20 years.

Copyright law deals primarily with the protection of the work of art. Individual types of works can be the musical work, the cinematographic work, the linguistic or written work, computer programs, works of visual art, etc.

We advise primarily in the area of exploitation and use of copyrighted works, in particular in the area of drafting and reviewing license agreements, as well as in cases of infringement, which often result in claims for injunctive relief and damages. In the case of claims for injunctive relief, we often advise and/or act for our clients in the area of warning letters preceding legal proceedings as well as in the area of interim legal protection.

Copyright law is one of the focal points of our legal practice.

If you have any questions, are exposed to possible claims for injunctive relief/damages by third parties, or would like us to review or draft contracts relevant to copyright law, we look forward to your call to our Cologne office at 0221-4201074. We are happy to arrange meetings throughout Germany or we can arrange a first meeting via Skype.

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