Press release: Miss Germany 2013 successfully sues Miss Germany Corporation


Miss Germany 2013 Caroline Noeding in legal dispute with MGC
Miss Germany 2013 Caroline Noeding in legal dispute with MGC

Cologne, April 1, 2016. Caroline Noeding, Miss Germany 2013, successfully defended herself against the Miss Germany Corporation (MGC) before the Oldenburg Regional Court (Case No. 17 O 1118/05). The Miss Germany organizer from Oldenburg was ordered by the court of first instance to provide information about income by presenting the business bank statements.

The background of the dispute is the review of all settlements and payments after the cooperation from 2013-2014. Miss Germany 2013 terminated this without notice. On behalf of Caroline Noeding, the law firm Rehkatsch Rechtsanwälte requested information to disclose the business account. This account was specially set up as a trust account for Miss Germany. Strangely enough, the management (Ralf and Horst Klemmer) vehemently refused to do so. Caroline Noeding then successfully filed an action for disclosure with the Oldenburg Regional Court. The court ruled as follows:

“The defendant is ordered to provide information by submitting complete copies of all account statements for the account with the number xxxxxxx at Landessparkasse Oldenburg for the period from 05.03.2013 to 30.12.2014.”

Despite the clear ruling, Miss Germany Corporation continues to refuse to provide the proper information and only submits redacted account statements. As a result, foreclosure proceedings were initiated against the company.

Caroline Noeding comments: “The self-typed invoices made me wonder. Overall, there may be something wrong here. As I have heard from other Misses, their compensation was much higher. In addition, I don’t know in part what the Klemmers really negotiated and took. It’s all very opaque and very nebulous to me.”

Specialist lawyer for media law Patrick Rehkatsch: “Due to the salami tactics of the Miss Germany Corporation, we assume that it has something to hide. In addition, it is not yet clear how much revenue was actually generated by all possible advertising and sponsorship contracts. Our client should still be entitled to compensation.”

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