NetzDG Review Com­mit­tee

Att­or­ney Reh­katsch has been acti­ve in the NetzDG review com­mit­tee sin­ce 2021 in order to inde­pendent­ly deci­de for the FSM self-regu­la­ti­on on cases that are not cle­ar­ly ille­gal and dif­fi­cult to assess legal­ly.

This main­ly con­cerns cases of insult, defa­ma­ti­on, slan­der, inci­te­ment to hat­red, etc.

Decis­i­ons are published here.

The FSM is the first reco­gni­zed body to be acti­ve in regu­la­ted self-regu­la­ti­on under the Net­work Enforce­ment Act.

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