Book publi­ca­ti­on Men­de­res (DSDS)

BOOK RELEASE: 01 Sep­tem­ber 2016

Menderes DSDS book release

Men­de­res has been taking part in the cas­ting of “Deutsch­land sucht den Super­star” (DSDS) every year sin­ce 2002. His appearance and the vocal per­for­mance he pre­sen­ted often brought him nega­ti­ve cri­ti­cism, scorn and ridi­cu­le. So far, he never got fur­ther than the Recall, yet he has suc­cee­ded in one thing: Through his dili­gence and per­sis­tence, he is visi­bly ear­ning respect and reco­gni­ti­on.

Sin­ce he was named jungle king by the audi­ence on “Ich bin ein Star — holt mich hier raus” in 2016, peo­p­le no lon­ger see him as the DSDS break clown, but as a serious young man with heart and emo­ti­on.

But who is behind this figh­ter? What moves Men­de­res to face the harsh ver­dict of the DSDS jury every year? In this book, he gives the rea­der a glim­pse insi­de hims­elf and talks about his tough road as an enter­tai­ner, his dif­fi­cult child­hood, and that serious ill­ness that keeps slo­wing him down. Despi­te ever­y­thing, Men­de­res does­n’t let hims­elf get small — true to his mot­to: “Never give up!”


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