Book publication Menderes (DSDS)

BOOK RELEASE: 01 September 2016

Menderes DSDS book release

Menderes has been taking part in the casting of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (DSDS) every year since 2002. His appearance and the vocal performance he presented often brought him negative criticism, scorn and ridicule. So far, he never got further than the Recall, yet he has succeeded in one thing: Through his diligence and persistence, he is visibly earning respect and recognition.

Since he was named jungle king by the audience on “Ich bin ein Star – holt mich hier raus” in 2016, people no longer see him as the DSDS break clown, but as a serious young man with heart and emotion.

But who is behind this fighter? What moves Menderes to face the harsh verdict of the DSDS jury every year? In this book, he gives the reader a glimpse inside himself and talks about his tough road as an entertainer, his difficult childhood, and that serious illness that keeps slowing him down. Despite everything, Menderes doesn’t let himself get small – true to his motto: “Never give up!”


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