We give advice founding bands, signing contracts with record companies, negotiate with your management as well as with questions concerning the protection of your own songs. This comprises legal aspects of the Copyright– and Ancillary Copyright Law, the Artist Pension Insurance Law as well as the Right to a Name, Trade Mark and Competition Law.

Thus we help you for example realizing a remake of an old classic song, with your own online-distribution, with your own merchandising or with the conclusion of a Publishing-, Booking-, Performance-, Music Studio- or Promotion-Contract.


We advice composers, writers, lyricists, and authors collaborating with the collecting societies (i.e. GEMA and GVL), declaring copyright works, reviewing royalty statements or with general questions concerning the membership. We also help you with disputes or the negotiation of contracts with music publishing companies, in the fields of music for film and advertising or with founding of your own music edition.


In the music industry we advice freelancers, tradesman, start ups as well as small and middle class companies. We help you with the foundation of personal companies, limited liability corporations, joint ventures, the change of corporate forms as well as hiring employees or freelancers.

For your operational business we help you with all relevant questions for the conclusion of contracts such as Artist-, Production-, Licence-, Distribution- or Publishing-Contracts. We accompany you with the founding of your own music publishing company or record company as well as with the conclusion of a longterm distribution deal.

For your events, concerts or tours we can advice you concerning the necessary permissions, agreements with the collecting societies or a even with a Catering- or Merchandising-Contract.

We assist you with the utilization of your licenses as well as with the establishing of brands or artists. We emphasize a great deal to the overlapping to other branches or industrial sectors in order to obtain a consistent and integrated marketing chain as well as a longterm and substantial strategy to your rights of use.

Violations of your rights will be pursuit by our firm as well as we help you asserting your claims.

Contracts, we have been working on in the past:

Advertisement Music Contracts | Artist Agreements | Author-Option Contracts | Autograph-Session Agreement | Booking Contracts | Consulting Agreements | Civil Law Association Contracts | Clearance Agreements | Collective Labour Agreements | Company Formation Contracts | Composition-Arrangement Contracts | Composition Contracts | Concert Agreements | Concert Booking Contracts | Cooperation Agreements | Cover-Design Contracts | Discretion Obligations | Dissuasions | Distribution Contracts | DJ-Booking Contracts | Event Agreements | Exclusiveness Agreements | Film-Music-Licensing Contracts | Film Concept Contracts | First-Option Contracts | Freelancing Contracts | Guest Performance Contracts | GVL | Head of Agreements | Interpreter Contracts | Interview Agreements | Label Formations | Label-Option Contracts | Letter of Intents |  Licensing Contracts | Limited Partnership Contracts | Live-Performance Contracts | Ltd Formations | Management Contracts | Merchandising Contracts | Musical Authors’ Society GEMA | Music Author Agreements | Music Edition Contracts | Music Festival Contracts | Music Publishing Formations | Music Publishing Contracts | Music Video Contracts | Online-Distribution Contracts | PA & Lightning Contracts | Performance Contracts | Photo Shooting Contracts | Producer Agreements | Production Contracts | Promotion Agreements | Radio-Cooperation Contracts | Radio-Drama Production Contracts | Record Company Contracts | Record Self-Employment Agreement | Rehearsal-Room Hiring Contracts | Remix Agreements | Royalty Agreement | Royalty Revisions | Royalty Associations | Sampling Contracts | Screenplay Contracts | Showcase Agreements | Show Concept Agreements | Single Contracts | Sound Design Contracts | Soundtrack Contracts | Sponsoring Contracts | Studio Musician Agreements | Sub-Licensing Contracts | Sub-Management Contracts | Sub-Publishing Contracts | Trademark Licensing Contracts | Trading Company Contracts | Tour Contracts | Treatment Agreements | Publishing Contracts | Publishing Option Agreement | Video-Distribution Contracts | Video Production Contracts | Writing Agreements | Work for Hire Production Contracts