REHKATSCH Att­or­neys at Law



Your law firm for copy­right and media law, advi­ses you in the nego­tia­ti­on of agen­cy or manage­ment con­tracts, acting, series, stage, show, pre­sen­ter or musi­cal enga­ge­ments in the con­clu­si­on of adver­ti­sing, auto­graph and spon­sor­ship agree­ments. We also review for you the con­tracts pre-nego­tia­ted by your agents so that you can actual­ly pro­tect your own inte­rests. We repre­sent you in the event of brea­ches of con­tract, ter­mi­na­ti­ons as well as in the enforce­ment of injunc­ti­ve reli­ef, e.g. in the event of inf­rin­ge­ment of your per­so­nal rights through fal­se report­ing or the use of unaut­ho­ri­zed image mate­ri­al.


We advi­se pro­duc­tions and aut­hors from the very begin­ning of mate­ri­al deve­lo­p­ment and the explo­ita­ti­on of film and tele­vi­si­on for­mats, tre­at­ments, show con­cepts, screen­plays or the adapt­a­ti­on of exis­ting works. This includes the legal basics of the enti­re for­mat pro­tec­tion as well as ques­ti­ons about film pro­mo­ti­on, film finan­cing or film funds. We help you with film­ing per­mits as well as with rights cle­arance. We draft or nego­tia­te co-pro­duc­tion, ser­vice pro­duc­tion and other licen­se agree­ments with broad­cas­ters or other cli­ents for you. We also pro­vi­de legal assis­tance with online explo­ita­ti­on as well as tra­di­tio­nal dis­tri­bu­ti­on.

We sup­port acting agen­ci­es or manage­ments in revie­w­ing, nego­tia­ting and con­clu­ding con­tracts for their artists. We also draft your agen­cy con­tracts taking into account exclu­si­ve mar­ke­ting oppor­tu­ni­ties, espe­ci­al­ly with regard to the regu­la­ti­ons of the Employ­ment Agen­cy Ordi­nan­ce.

We will sup­port you in your coope­ra­ti­on with the VFF, VGF, VG Bild-Kunst, VG Wort and other coll­ec­ting socie­ties. We advi­se thea­ter pro­duc­tions from Ger­ma­ny and abroad on all legal mat­ters, from employ­ment con­tracts and co-pro­duc­tions to par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on in fes­ti­vals.


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