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We are the law firm REHKATSCH RECHTSANWÄLTE. SWe have been specializing in trademark applications, trademark searches, trademark license agreements and trademark disputes before courts or trademark offices in Germany and the EU for 20 years.

Good arguments for a trademark application through us:
1. conscientious expert research – without later nasty surprises

2. over 20 years of experience with trademark applications

3. transparent prices communicated 100% in advance.

4. 360° all-round support from our team of experts.

5. free initial consultation

Free advice

We will be happy to answer all your questions about trademark registration. By WhatsApp or at a personal appointment with us in our office in Cologne or Berlin or by video call. The initial consultation is completely free of charge for you.


+49 221 4201074


+49 221 4201074



Conscientious trademark search

The most important thing in trademark applications is to clarify whether an identical or similar trademark has already been applied for. In this case, your trademark could be cancelled again at the trademark office – even after years.

And this, although you think you have sufficient protection. That would be the “super disaster” for your ongoing business.

Important: Whether other trademark applications already exist is not checked during the application by the trademark offices such as the DPMA, EUIPO or WIPO. You must take care of this yourself in advance and there are approximately 65 million trademark registrations worldwide (as of 2023). Our experts will do this work for you.

The question of whether conflicting trademarks already exist is essential and also the most difficult to assess legally. Therefore, it is best to leave this task to our specialist law firm. We carry out a conscientious preliminary examination for you during the trademark application.

Our remuneration - no all-inclusive prices

Our remuneration should be transparent, fair and appropriate

Based on the information you provide, we will research in advance how time-consuming a legally sound examination for identical or similar trademarks will be. Based on our many years of experience, we can estimate relatively well how much the complete trademark application process, including examination, will cost. It is not unusual for us to sift through hundreds or even thousands of trademark registrations.

You should therefore tell us in advance which trademark you would like to apply for and for which areas (goods and services) You need the trademark protection. We can then view and work through the list of goods and services even more precisely.

In the event that our preliminary work becomes more expensive than average due to your specific trademark request, we reserve the right to charge you an initial consultation fee of up to € 250.00 plus VAT in individual cases. Sales tax to be calculated. We will tell you in advance whether this is necessary in your case.

Concrete offer

After our preliminary search you will receive a concrete offer for your trademark application. We do not think much of the flat rates often found on the web. In our view, these are not serious or lead to unpleasant surprises later on because the research was not done thoroughly enough.

We communicate our costs very openly. In the past, the complete trademark application process, including search, usually cost us €500-1,800 net (plus trademark office fees).

However, there are also very extensive trademark applications for which the application fees for the trademark offices alone reach five-digit euro amounts. So it depends very much on your concrete, personal intention. We will be happy to advise you on this.

Our experience in trademark law

Here are some examples of brands we have dealt with in the past:

Our tip: serious research

Don’t be fooled by cheap offers like “trademark application from € 199” or similar. A serious trademark collision search is often very time-consuming, legally complicated and complex.

This requires in-depth expertise, which cannot be had for the “very small euro”. A trademark application without an extensive similarity or identity search is frivolous.

You should keep your hands off this, otherwise you could get serious problems with your trademark in the future – up to the cancellation of your trademark at the trademark office.



+49 221 4201074

Trademark application in 6 steps

Here is the procedure for your trademark application:

Fill out online trademark form
Simply fill out our contact form below or contact us by phone, email, WhatsApp or VideoCall. We will conduct a preliminary review after an initial meeting or your input. In the case of particularly complex searches, we reserve the right to charge an advance on costs of € 250 net (€ 302.50 gross) after prior agreement.

Preliminary research
Within 2-3 business days, we will inform you about our preliminary research and you will receive a cost breakdown of how much your trademark application will cost. Obvious collisions against already existing brands already tell you directly. You would then have to consider another license plate.

You instruct us with the trademark registration (power of attorney) and receive an advance cost note from us. After we have received your payment, we will check your registration for possible collisions. In addition, we coordinate your list of goods with you in detail.

Result of the trademark search
Within another 2-4 business days you will receive the result of your comprehensive trademark search and our legal recommendation by e-mail. So then we make another appointment to discuss the results of the trademark search and we answer all further questions about your trademark application. Also, your list of goods will be discussed again and finalized.

Trademark application
We will bring your trademark registration to the application stage and you will receive information about the payment of the application fees, which you must make yourself in due time (Attention: in the Fast Track procedure at the European Trademark Office EUIPO within nine days!)

Transmission of the trademark certificate
After registration by the trademark office we will send you your trademark certificate. This can take between 3-9 months.

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