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We advise you on band foundations, contracting with record companies, negotiations with management as well as on questions concerning the protection of your own songs. This includes questions about copyright and ancillary copyright law, the artists’ social insurance fund as well as name, trademark and competition law. For example, we can help you cover an old classic, do your own online exploitation, merchandising, or sign a publishing, booking, performance, studio musician or promotion contract.


We advise composers and lyricists on their cooperation with the collecting societies GEMA and GVL, e.g. on work registrations, reviews of royalty statements or general membership issues. We can also assist you in disputes or negotiations with music publishers, for example in the area of film and advertising music or the establishment of an edition.


In the recording industry we advise freelancers, tradesmen, small and medium-sized enterprises. We support you in the establishment of partnerships and corporations, their transformation as well as in the hiring of freelance or permanent employees.

In the operational business, we help you with all relevant contracts such as artist, production, title, band takeover, distribution or publishing contracts. We support you in founding your own music publishing company or label as well as in closing a distribution deal.

For events, tours or concert series, we advise you on the necessary permits, agreements with the collecting societies and even catering or merchandising contracts.

We support you in the exploitation of licenses as well as in the establishment of brands or artists. We place particular emphasis on the interface with other industries for a uniform marketing chain as well as a long-term and comprehensive strategy for the evaluation of your usage rights.

In the event of legal infringements, we will assist you in enforcing and protecting your own rights as well as in defending third-party claims.


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