Your law firm for copyright and media law, advises you in the negotiation of agency or management contracts, acting, series, stage, show, presenter or musical engagements in the conclusion of advertising, autograph and sponsorship agreements. We also review for you the contracts pre-negotiated by your agents so that you can actually protect your own interests. We represent you in the event of breaches of contract, terminations as well as in the enforcement of injunctive relief, e.g. in the event of infringement of your personal rights through false reporting or the use of unauthorized image material.


We advise productions and authors from the very beginning of material development and the exploitation of film and television formats, treatments, show concepts, screenplays or the adaptation of existing works. This includes the legal basics of the entire format protection as well as questions about film promotion, film financing or film funds. We help you with filming permits as well as with rights clearance. We draft or negotiate co-production, service production and other license agreements with broadcasters or other clients for you. We also provide legal assistance with online exploitation as well as traditional distribution.

We support acting agencies or managements in reviewing, negotiating and concluding contracts for their artists. We also draft your agency contracts taking into account exclusive marketing opportunities, especially with regard to the regulations of the Employment Agency Ordinance.

We will support you in your cooperation with the VFF, VGF, VG Bild-Kunst, VG Wort and other collecting societies. We advise theater productions from Germany and abroad on all legal matters, from employment contracts and co-productions to participation in festivals.


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