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Your law firm for copyright and media law, provides legal support for the development and establishment of entertainment brands and concepts. The focus is on fully utilizing the entire value chain. We create solutions for extensive marketing and cooperations of any kind. For second and third exploitations as well as for merchandising we advise you under strategic, economic and legal aspects to protect your property rights.

In addition to checking the protectability of trademarks, we can help you search for existing trademarks. We carry out domestic, foreign and Europe-wide trademark applications for you. We create merchandising as well as brand licensing agreements for you.

We help with television cooperation agreements, exclusive autograph sessions and interview agreements, confidentiality obligations, advertising and sponsorship agreements as well as with contracts of any kind in the event sector. The contracting of marketing includes the entire cooperation of exploiters with advertising and event agencies up to investors, sponsors and product providers. We are also happy to assist you in finding business partners or artists (testimonials) for advertising, sponsoring or other cooperations.


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