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We are the law firm REHKATSCH RECHTSANWÄLTE. SWe have been spe­cia­li­zing in trade­mark appli­ca­ti­ons, trade­mark sear­ches, trade­mark licen­se agree­ments and trade­mark dis­pu­tes befo­re courts or trade­mark offices in Ger­ma­ny and the EU for 20 years.

Good argu­ments for a trade­mark appli­ca­ti­on through us:
1. con­sci­en­tious expert rese­arch — wit­hout later nasty sur­pri­ses

2. over 20 years of expe­ri­ence with trade­mark appli­ca­ti­ons

3. trans­pa­rent pri­ces com­mu­ni­ca­ted 100% in advan­ce.

4. 360° all-round sup­port from our team of experts.

5. free initi­al con­sul­ta­ti­on

Free advice

We will be hap­py to ans­wer all your ques­ti­ons about trade­mark regis­tra­ti­on. By Whats­App or at a per­so­nal appoint­ment with us in our office in Colo­gne or Ber­lin or by video call. The initi­al con­sul­ta­ti­on is com­ple­te­ly free of char­ge for you.


+49 221 4201074


+49 221 4201074



Con­sci­en­tious trade­mark search

The most important thing in trade­mark appli­ca­ti­ons is to cla­ri­fy whe­ther an iden­ti­cal or simi­lar trade­mark has alre­a­dy been appli­ed for. In this case, your trade­mark could be can­cel­led again at the trade­mark office — even after years.

And this, alt­hough you think you have suf­fi­ci­ent pro­tec­tion. That would be the “super dis­as­ter” for your ongo­ing busi­ness.

Important: Whe­ther other trade­mark appli­ca­ti­ons alre­a­dy exist is not che­cked during the appli­ca­ti­on by the trade­mark offices such as the DPMA, EUIPO or WIPO. You must take care of this yours­elf in advan­ce and the­re are appro­xi­m­ate­ly 65 mil­li­on trade­mark regis­tra­ti­ons world­wi­de (as of 2023). Our experts will do this work for you.

The ques­ti­on of whe­ther con­flic­ting trade­marks alre­a­dy exist is essen­ti­al and also the most dif­fi­cult to assess legal­ly. The­r­e­fo­re, it is best to lea­ve this task to our spe­cia­list law firm. We car­ry out a con­sci­en­tious preli­mi­na­ry exami­na­ti­on for you during the trade­mark appli­ca­ti­on.

Our remu­ne­ra­ti­on — no all-inclu­si­ve pri­ces

Our remu­ne­ra­ti­on should be trans­pa­rent, fair and appro­pria­te

Based on the infor­ma­ti­on you pro­vi­de, we will rese­arch in advan­ce how time-con­sum­ing a legal­ly sound exami­na­ti­on for iden­ti­cal or simi­lar trade­marks will be. Based on our many years of expe­ri­ence, we can esti­ma­te rela­tively well how much the com­ple­te trade­mark appli­ca­ti­on pro­cess, inclu­ding exami­na­ti­on, will cost. It is not unu­su­al for us to sift through hundreds or even thou­sands of trade­mark regis­tra­ti­ons.

You should the­r­e­fo­re tell us in advan­ce which trade­mark you would like to app­ly for and for which are­as (goods and ser­vices) You need the trade­mark pro­tec­tion. We can then view and work through the list of goods and ser­vices even more pre­cis­e­ly.

In the event that our preli­mi­na­ry work beco­mes more expen­si­ve than avera­ge due to your spe­ci­fic trade­mark request, we reser­ve the right to char­ge you an initi­al con­sul­ta­ti­on fee of up to € 250.00 plus VAT in indi­vi­du­al cases. Sales tax to be cal­cu­la­ted. We will tell you in advan­ce whe­ther this is neces­sa­ry in your case.

Con­cre­te offer

After our preli­mi­na­ry search you will recei­ve a con­cre­te offer for your trade­mark appli­ca­ti­on. We do not think much of the flat rates often found on the web. In our view, the­se are not serious or lead to unp­lea­sant sur­pri­ses later on becau­se the rese­arch was not done tho­rough­ly enough.

We com­mu­ni­ca­te our cos­ts very open­ly. In the past, the com­ple­te trade­mark appli­ca­ti­on pro­cess, inclu­ding search, usual­ly cost us €500–1,800 net (plus trade­mark office fees).

Howe­ver, the­re are also very exten­si­ve trade­mark appli­ca­ti­ons for which the appli­ca­ti­on fees for the trade­mark offices alo­ne reach five-digit euro amounts. So it depends very much on your con­cre­te, per­so­nal inten­ti­on. We will be hap­py to advi­se you on this.

Our expe­ri­ence in trade­mark law

Here are some examp­les of brands we have dealt with in the past:

Our tip: serious rese­arch

Don’t be foo­led by cheap offers like “trade­mark appli­ca­ti­on from € 199” or simi­lar. A serious trade­mark col­li­si­on search is often very time-con­sum­ing, legal­ly com­pli­ca­ted and com­plex.

This requi­res in-depth exper­ti­se, which can­not be had for the “very small euro”. A trade­mark appli­ca­ti­on wit­hout an exten­si­ve simi­la­ri­ty or iden­ti­ty search is fri­vo­lous.

You should keep your hands off this, other­wi­se you could get serious pro­blems with your trade­mark in the future — up to the can­cel­la­ti­on of your trade­mark at the trade­mark office.



+49 221 4201074

Trade­mark appli­ca­ti­on in 6 steps

Here is the pro­ce­du­re for your trade­mark appli­ca­ti­on:

Fill out online trade­mark form
Sim­ply fill out our cont­act form below or cont­act us by pho­ne, email, Whats­App or Video­Call. We will con­duct a preli­mi­na­ry review after an initi­al mee­ting or your input. In the case of par­ti­cu­lar­ly com­plex sear­ches, we reser­ve the right to char­ge an advan­ce on cos­ts of € 250 net (€ 302.50 gross) after pri­or agree­ment.

Preli­mi­na­ry rese­arch
Within 2–3 busi­ness days, we will inform you about our preli­mi­na­ry rese­arch and you will recei­ve a cost break­down of how much your trade­mark appli­ca­ti­on will cost. Obvious col­li­si­ons against alre­a­dy exis­ting brands alre­a­dy tell you direct­ly. You would then have to con­sider ano­ther licen­se pla­te.

You ins­truct us with the trade­mark regis­tra­ti­on (power of att­or­ney) and recei­ve an advan­ce cost note from us. After we have recei­ved your pay­ment, we will check your regis­tra­ti­on for pos­si­ble col­li­si­ons. In addi­ti­on, we coor­di­na­te your list of goods with you in detail.

Result of the trade­mark search
Within ano­ther 2–4 busi­ness days you will recei­ve the result of your com­pre­hen­si­ve trade­mark search and our legal recom­men­da­ti­on by e‑mail. So then we make ano­ther appoint­ment to dis­cuss the results of the trade­mark search and we ans­wer all fur­ther ques­ti­ons about your trade­mark appli­ca­ti­on. Also, your list of goods will be dis­cus­sed again and fina­li­zed.

Trade­mark appli­ca­ti­on
We will bring your trade­mark regis­tra­ti­on to the appli­ca­ti­on stage and you will recei­ve infor­ma­ti­on about the pay­ment of the appli­ca­ti­on fees, which you must make yours­elf in due time (Atten­ti­on: in the Fast Track pro­ce­du­re at the Euro­pean Trade­mark Office EUIPO within nine days!)

Trans­mis­si­on of the trade­mark cer­ti­fi­ca­te
After regis­tra­ti­on by the trade­mark office we will send you your trade­mark cer­ti­fi­ca­te. This can take bet­ween 3–9 months.

You want to get going? Plea­se use the form below and we’ll get star­ted.

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