We give advice negotiating Agency or Management Contracts, with Actors-, Series-, Stage-, Show-, Presenting or Musical-Agreements or with the conclusion of Commercial-, Autograph-Session and Sponsoring Contracts. We also check and revise the contracts that have been negotiated by your agent or agencies in order to actaully reserve your own rights.

We can represent you in the occurrence of violations of your contracts, when dealing with notices of termination as well as with the enforcement of injunctive reliefs, i.e. if your personal rights are violated due to false coverage or the usage of unauthorized materials.


We give advice to productions and authors from the very beginning of the developement of scripts and the realisation and utilisation of film– and tv formats, ideas, drafts, show concepts, screenplays or the picturization of existing works. This includes the legal principles of the entire protection of rights as well as questions to film grants, financing or film funds. We help you with film permits as well as with clearance of rights.

We formulate or negotiate your Production-, Co-production, or other Licence Agreements with broadcast stations or any other contracting parties. We also help you legally with online-distibution as well as with the classical sales and distribution.

Agencies or managements can be assisted and supported with the revision, negotiation, and the conclusion of contracts for their artists. Also we do create and formulate your agency contracts under consideration of exclusive marketing possibilities especially with regard to the relating regulations of the laws.

We are also at your disposal in cooperating with the collecting societies (i.e. VFF, VGF, VG Bild-Kunst, VG Wort, etc.).

International and local theatre productions are counseled in all legal aspects concerning Employment Contracts, Co-productions as well as applying and attending festivals.

Contracts, we have been working on in the past:

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