We help you legally with the development and establishment of entertainment trademarks and concepts. The main focus is the utilization of the entire economic value-added chain. We create solutions for substantial marketing strategies and cross-media cooperations of any kind. In merchandising matters we advice you under strategic, economical and legal considerations in order to protect your intellectual property rights.

Besides the verification of possible trademark registrations we can also help you with the research of already existing trademarks. We accomplish German, European, and international trademark matters. We draft Merchandising as well as Trademark Licensing Contracts.

We provide you with TV-Cooperation Contracts, exclusive Autograph Session- and Interview Agreements, Discretion Obligations, Commercial and Sponsoring Contracts as well as with contracts for events.

The contract drafting and negotiating in marketing matters includes the entire cooperation with commercial and event agencies, possible investors, sponsors and product suppliers. We are glad to help you and get across with possible business partners or artists for marketing, sponsoring and any other kind of cooperations.

Contracts, we have been working on in the past:

Actors Agreements | Advertisement Music Contracts | Artist Agreements | Autograph Sessions | Casting Agreements | Clearance of Rights | Commercial Contracts | Company Formations | Concert Booking Contracts | Concert Agreements | Consulting Contracts | Cooperation Contracts | Discretion Obligations | Deal Memos | Event Contracts | Exclusiveness Agreements | Festival Contracts | Freelancing Contracts | Head of Agreements | Insurance Contracts | Interview Agreements | Letter of Intents | Licensing Contracts | Limited Partnerships Contracts | Live Performance Contracts | Ltd Formations | Management Contracts | Merchandising Contracts | Model Contracts | Online Contracts | PA & Lightning Contracts | Photo Shooting Contracts | Product Placements | Promotion Contracts | Radio Cooperation Contracts | Royalty Associations | Royalty Revisions | Showcase Contracts | Show Concept Contracts | Sponsoring Contracts | Theatre Contracts | Touring Contracts | Trademark Licensing Contracts | Treatment Contracts | TV-Cooperation Contracts |