Press law

The field of press law is one of our core areas as a specialist lawyer for copyright and media law.

In many cases, this is a matter of general freedom of opinion, artistic freedom and also general personal rights. The general right of personality in the area of press law always includes a consideration of the respective material area of protection, namely public relations, the social sphere, the private sphere and the secret/intimate sphere. These different spheres must be differentiated within the framework of possible infringements.

Our legal practice often deals with the rights of self-representation, the right to one’s own name with its overlap with trademark law, the right to one’s own image, the right to one’s own word as well as the right of one’s own honour. The areas of satire and caricature also often play a special role in this connection.

Do you have claims under the right of expression or do you have to defend yourself against such claims? Then it is usually a question of whether a fact or a judgement is disseminated. Often relevant here is the transition to abusive criticism and the question of whether widespread facts are true or false. Depending on the case constellation, we help you to enforce or defend against claims for removal, injunctive relief and damages, often also in preliminary injunction proceedings.

You are a relative person in contemporary history, i.e. prominently known to the public and would like to know whether you have to endure being photographed?

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