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For press law

The field of press law is one of our core are­as as a spe­cia­list att­or­ney for copy­right and media law.

In many cases, this invol­ves gene­ral free­dom of expres­si­on, artis­tic free­dom and also gene­ral per­so­nal rights. The gene­ral right of per­so­na­li­ty in the area of press law always includes a con­side­ra­ti­on of the respec­ti­ve fac­tu­al area of pro­tec­tion, name­ly the public sphe­re, the social sphe­re, the pri­va­te sphe­re and the secret/intimate sphe­re. The­se dif­fe­rent sphe­res are to be dif­fe­ren­tia­ted in the con­text of pos­si­ble inf­rin­ge­ments.

In our legal con­sul­ting prac­ti­ce, we often deal with the rights of self-pro­mo­ti­on, the right to one’s own name with its over­lap to trade­mark law, the right to one’s own image, the right to one’s own word as well as the right to one’s own honor. In this con­text, the field of sati­re and cari­ca­tu­re often plays a spe­cial role.

Do you have claims under the law of expres­si­on or do you have to defend yours­elf against such claims? Then it is usual­ly a ques­ti­on of whe­ther a fact or a value judgment is being dis­se­mi­na­ted. The tran­si­ti­on to defa­ma­to­ry cri­ti­cism and the ques­ti­on of whe­ther facts dis­se­mi­na­ted are true or untrue are often rele­vant here. Depen­ding on the case con­stel­la­ti­on, we help you to enforce or defend against claims for rem­oval, injunc­ti­ve reli­ef and dama­ges, often also in preli­mi­na­ry injunc­tion pro­cee­dings.

You are a rela­ti­ve per­son of con­tem­po­ra­ry histo­ry, i.e. pro­min­ent­ly known to the public and would like to know if you have to endu­re being pho­to­gra­phed?

We are at your dis­po­sal for all the­se ques­ti­ons con­cer­ning press law, out of court as well as in court. Cont­act us by pho­ne at 0221–4201074 or by email at info@rehkatsch.de and let us know what we can do for you.

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