Our fees can be agreed as follows:

1. Fees pursuant to the Lawyers’ Compensation Act (Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz / RVG), depend on the subject value. In court proceedings, the compensation may not be less than the regulated fees of the RVG.

2. Hourly (usually EUR 250,00 net/hour).

3. Flat rate (fixed price for an individual mandate or monthly fee for a permanent service).

Please find a calculator for the process costs at the German Bar Association.

The fee for a first consultation (“Erstberatung”) without any representation is limited by law for consumers up to EUR 190 = EUR 249,90 gross. This limitation does not count for enterpreneurs.

Please get in contact with us and get informed about our fees. They can widely differ in respect to each case and a first consultation about the fee is much recommended. You will get a written agreement.