Areas of Law


The specialist lawyer for copyright and media law was introduced by the Federal Chamber of Lawyers some years ago. This title can be acquired, if one can prove appropriate technical knowledge after the specialized lawyer order (FAO) by the successful passing of a specialized lawyer training course. In addition, a minimum number of actually processed cases must be proven. This minimum number of cases for a specialist lawyer for copyright and media law is 80, whereby at least 20 of these cases must also have been the subject of court proceedings.

In terms of content, the requirements of the specialist lawyer for copyright and media law include the following main topics:

  • Copyright
  • Publishing law
  • Music publishing law
  • Law of Public Word and Image Reporting
  • Broadcasting law
  • Competition law and advertising law references to copyright and media law
  • Title protection
  • Trademark law
  • Fundamentals of telemedia and telecommunications law
  • Internet law
  • Procedural law and special features of procedural law with a focus on interim relief.

In all these areas of copyright and media law, we offer you highly specialised legal advice. In the following, we will introduce the individual sub-areas to you in more detail:

Module 1
– Fundamentals of copyright law
– Ancillary copyrights, copyright restrictions, the law of the administration societies
– Enforcement: claims for injunctive relief, information, removal, damages, copyright criminal law

Module 2
– Film and television contract law
– Labour law for media companies

Module 3
– Copyright contract law, special features of design, visual arts, architects, IT, merchandising
– music contract law
– (Music) publishing law

Module 4
– International copyright treaties, international private copyright law
– Title protection and media-related trademark protection

Module 5
– Broadcasting law
– Competition and advertising law references of copyright and media law
– Fundamentals of the law governing entertainment and cultural events as well as the law governing German and European cultural funding

Module 6
– Reporting and general personal rights
– Main features of media services, teleservices and telecommunications law